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This page is for anyone looking to hire or contract for skills in illumos or related distributions and technologies. As ever, this wiki is open to the public, so you are welcome to sign up and add a listing here yourself, in reverse chron order (latest on top). Please clean up after yourself when the position is filled. 

People/companies offering illumos skills and services are listed here.

Be sure to include:

  • Where the job is physically located. If you're willing to hire remote workers, specify any restrictions as to what countries you can hire from (the illumos family is VERY international).
  • How to apply for the job.


  1. Dec 17, 2012

    Nexenta Systems is hiring!

    About Us: Overview

    Nexenta Systems is the world’s leading provider of Software-defined Storage solutions. The company’s flagship software-only platform, NexentaStor, delivers high-performance, ultra-scalable, cloud- and virtualization-optimized storage management. Privately held, Nexenta is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

    What We Do—Enterprise Class Storage for Everyone

    The core storage platform, NexentaStor, is based on OpenStorage ZFS technology. Nexenta products, built on top of NexentaStor OpenStorage platform, deliver unparalleled capabilities in managing multivendor environments, provide extreme efficiencies in storage administration and management, and optimize core storage capabilities for content management, compliance, and more. Nexenta is proud to count some of the innovative companies in the world among its list of customers.

    NexentaStor is delivered as a free download. Its community editions allows users to manage up to 18TB of storage free of charge. NexentaStor Enterprise Edition is available as a full-featured trial license as well.

    Nexenta Careers

    Nexenta has a dynamic and fun environment. If you are excited by the opportunity of revolutionizing an entire industry, we want to hear from you! Here is a list of some of our current openings:

          GUI Team Lead

          Software Developer

    If you want to apply for a position with Nexenta, please visit our Career page at: