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With the integration of:
    3132 remove support for building with gcc 3

The default version of GCC used for both primary and shadow compilers is version 4.4.4. You will need to install a version of 4.4.4 for your builds to continue to succeed.

If you don't build illumos, or only build illumos using Sun Studio with the shadow compiler disabled, you can safely ignore this message.

Getting it

This version should now be available in OpenIndiana (in the illumos-gcc package) and SmartOS, and is available in tarballs as described in:

If you build with Studio as the primary, and this inconveniences you, you could also temporarily disable the shadow compile by setting CW_NO_SHADOW until you install a suitable compiler. Do not submit RTIs with the shadow disabled, however.

Using it

As mentioned in the initial heads-up, as the version, and path, of the GCC in
use now differs there is a temporary bootstrapping issue with cw(1). You
should set:

GCC_ROOT=/opt/gcc/4.4.4; export GCC_ROOT

In your nightly environment until such a time as your /opt/onbld/bin/cw has been updated to a version which post-dates this integration, or your builds will fail as, while building new tools they will attempt to still use the old GCC. This is unfortunately unavoidable.