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HEADS UP: onbld has switched to Python 2.6

If you don't build illumos, you may skip this message.


This change (13860:70c7a0a08e20) removes Python 2.4 support from onbld. Instead of using deprecated 2.4 branch we will switch to the 2.6 version.

What software is affected by this change?

 • Mercurial

 • webrev

 • git-pbchk


Mercurial should be built against Python 2.6.

If you use OpenIndiana oi_151a6 you should update Mercurial to this version:

pkg install -v mercurial@1.3.1,5.11-


Keep in mind that the latest mercurial in oi_151a6 and oi_151a7 still provides '/usr/lib/python2.4/vendor-packages/' as a temporary workaround.


Before you start using webrev and git-pbchk tools you should rebuild and update onbld package on your build machine.

On OpenIndiana system you are likely to build entire gate and then upgrade only developer/build/onbld package:

# pkg set-publisher -P -O http://localhost:30011 on-nightly

# pkg set-publisher --non-sticky

# pkg install -v pkg://on-nightly/developer/build/onbld


If your system does not use IPS packages directly you may want to replace your old onbld bits by doing this:


export PATH=/opt/onbld/bin:/opt/SUNWspro/bin:${PATH}

ksh93 ./usr/src/tools/scripts/ -d ./

cd $CODEMGR_WS/usr/src && dmake setup && cd tools && dmake install 


# and replace your old onbld:

rsync -av --delete ./proto/root_i386-nd/opt/onbld/ /opt/onbld/