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These instructions are for building illumos-gate from the OpenSXCE2013.05 for SPARC distribution.  The build was performed on a Sun V240 machine (sun4u architecture) running the OpenSXCE2013.05 operating system.  The procedure I used is outlined here.  Some of the OpenSXCE2013.05 packages have changed since I completed my build.  As well, there are alternative ways to perform some of the steps.  The illumos-gate source was installed at ~/Downloads/code/illumos-gate .  This directory is arbitrary, and not further mentioned in the instructions that follow:

  • Download OpenSXCE2013.05 for SPARC from here .
  • Install and boot into this operating system
  • Before downloading illumos-gate, install these packages
    # pkgutil --install SUNWstudio121
    # pkgutil --install SUNWonbld
    # pkgutil --install SUNWgit
  • Relocate the compiler directory
    This is necessary so that relative symbolic links to shared objects, within the compiler directory, will resolve correctly.
    root: cd /opt
    root: mv SUNWspro ..
    root: ln -s ../SUNWspro .
  • Configure git
    $ git config --global "Your Name"
    $ git config --global
  • Clone the gate
    $ git clone git://
  • Adjust nightly and, if necessary
    The only changes I made were to .  I removed the lint flag from NIGHTLY_OPTIONS, and modified GATE and CODEMGR_WS to suit my download location.  The default build then uses GCC as the primary compiler and Sun Studio as the shadow
  • Add perl symlink
    This makes perl5.10 the operative version.  A few modules are installed in the /usr/perl5/5.8.4 directory, but in general you don't need these.
    # ln -s ../perl5/5.10.0/bin/perl /usr/bin/perl
  • Install java development package
    # pkgutil --install SUNWj6dev
  • Add java symlinks
    # cd /usr/jdk
    # ln -s instances/jdk1.6.0 jdk1.6.0
    # ln -s jdk1.6.0/ latest
    # cd /usr
    # ln -s jdk/jdk1.6.0 java
    # cd /usr/bin
    # ln -s ../jdk/instances/jdk1.6.0/bin/javac javac
  • Build and install into the perl 5.10.0 directory
    This module already exists for perl5.8, but is not available to the illumos build.  Download XML-Parser-2.36.tar.gz from CPAN .  Extract the archive
    $ perl Makefile.PL
    $ make
    # make install
  • Copy headers not in any packages from OI-143
    These are /usr/include/mps and /usr/include/libxslt .  For your convenience, I'm attaching compressed tar files of these directories: mps.tar.Z libxslt.tar.Z .  Current versions of OpenSXCE2013.05 include these headers in the SUNWopensxce-selfhosting package.  The version I used did not.
  • Install more packages
    # pkgutil --install SUNWgnu-mpfr
    # pkgutil --install SUNWflexlex
    # pkgutil --install --nodeps SUNWnet-snmp-utils
    # pkgutil --install SUNWnet-snmp-mgr
    # pkgutil --install SUNWgm4
    # pkgutil --install SUNWgnu-gettext /* Answer `no' to conflicting files prompt */
  • Build illumos-gate
    $ ./nightly