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The following is a list of items that we think are strong candidates for removal from illumos.    We don't think these should be very controversial.


pcmcia & cardbus, cardservices APIsNone (USB)There are no pcmcia leaf drivers. There were only ever a tiny handful of useful Cardbus (32-bit PC-Card) devices, pretty much all of them were 100 Mbps NICs. Polls of the community reveal no current users, as everyone is using USB these days. Further, these APIs have a dependency upon the legacy power management code, so removal will facilitate some of that cleanup.
Sun E10K, SF12K and SF15K supportNoneThese platforms depend upon closed code, and are long-obsolete enormous data center class systems. There are no current illumos users, and its inconceivable that there will ever be any in the future. These platforms are far beyond the means of any normal hobbyist. They also have dependencies upon closed-source modules, and have platform details that are undocumented, so its not realistic for us to support them with purely open software.
cvcdNoneNetwork console support for E10K and SF15K, undocumented protocol, the client for which only runs in a service process (which we lack code for).
idnNoneInter-domain networking used on the E10K and SF15K.
printmgrCUPSJava based GUI for printer administration; most people use CUPS these days.
wanbootinetbootSupport for booting (and hosting booting of) SPARC servers using an HTTP/HTTPs download of their kernel image and root disk. Primary purpose thereof is to support booting across the Internet. No illumos consumers identified, or anticipated (after polling the net). Brings in a private copy of OpenSSL with local customizations, so removal of this facilitates removal of OpenSSL from the gate. (There are other consumers which need to be updated first, though.)
pkgadd net installationcurl + local installationNo current illumos consumers for this exists, it uses bits of wan boot infrastructure above, and adds to the OpenSSL problem. (NOTE: SchilliX has a local copy of this and does use net installation, but they maintain a local fork, and no longer are an illumos downstream.)
wireless USBNone (bluetooth)Wireless USB was an alternative to bluetooth. No illumos users exist, very very few devices were ever produced or manufactured, and the industry ceased all efforts to support WUSB.
llc2None (llc1?)Closed source module, with no active known consumers.
warlockNoneDependencies upon Sun internal tools (compiler support!) that were never made public. Warlock support in illumos has badly bit rotten.
legacy power mgmt DDINoneddi_dev_is_needed, pm_raise_power, pm_create_components, pm_set_normal_power, pm_get_normal_power, pm_destroy_components; these things are legacy power management APIs, cleaning them up will facilitate other code simplifications.


Here are some things we think would also be useful to remove, but we would like feedback from the community:

sun4vNoneNo known users on illumos, its unclear if we have all the bits necessary to support this platform. Furthermore, various drivers have calls to legacy power management APIs (ddi_dev_is_needed, etc.) If anyone is running this platform with an illumos distro, it would be useful to know. It also relies on closed source modules for bmc and others. NOTE: Apparently OI had been running on T1000 systems in the past. This would be a justification for keeping sun4v around, if folks are able to use it. Several confirmed reports of people running SPARC based illumos on sun4v systems. Further examination also showed that the main missing bits from open source are the bmc (base management controller), n2cp (crypto), and forthdebug, presumably none of which are actually required to boot and run the system.
drdNoneDynamic Reconfiguration support for sun4v Saved with sun4v.
SUNW,UltraSPARC-IIi-Netract, SUNW,Netra-CP2300, NetraCT familyNoneIs anyone using any of these Netra platforms? We don't think so. (Some of them are telco specific, e.g. 220V power.) This includes Netra ct400, ct800, etc., and all Netra CompactPCI platforms.
hxgeNone10Gbps ethernet found on blade servers.
Sun E3000-Sun E6500 (SUNW,Ultra-Enterprise)NoneThese legacy mid-range Enterprise servers were expensive. They have large footprints, and we think its likely nobody is using these with illumos. The support depends upon a closed-source platmod, so this platform can't run without closed code.
Sun Fire 3800-6800NoneSerengetti systems, and newer, but still probably too big for most hobbyist use. (8.5 up to 28 RU). These systems EOLd about a decade ago.
Sun Fire E3900-6900None

Olympus this uses Fujitsu CPUs (I think), these systems are beyond the reach of the usual members of the illumos community.


Every known BSD distribution (FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin/Mac OS X, etc) as well as every known Linux distribution uses the same file(1) implementation ( We should just ditch ours and let the distros ship the above.  The output isn't identical, that's why this isn't in the "no-brainer" table above.