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Again Hans Rosenfeld managed a stand for illumos and illumos distributions at FOSDEM 2017 - thank you very much Hans.

Our booth will be in building K, Level 1, Group A Table 8 - we are happy to see you all there! (Jorge: I'm always early so I will head to building K to help with setup)

This time also OpenIndiana devs think of a hacking-session to improve hands-off bare-metal installations.

Hans Rosenfeld 
Olaf BohlenOI/sparc, AI
Jorge SchrauwenSaltStack SmartOS/illumos support
Sebastian Wiedenrothpkgsrc, SmartOS, ...
Till WegmüllerPXEBoot, NFSRoot, AI, Distro Constructor, pkg5, illumos/OpenPower
Peter Tribble 
Thomas Merkel 
Adam ŠtevkoOI/infrastructure, OI/CI, ansible illumos modules
Alexander Pyhalov 
Thomas WagnerSFE, SpecFiles Extra



Some illumos devs meet at

We have our table in building K, Level 1, Group A, Table 7.

Hans Rosenfeld 
Jorge Schrauwen-
Olaf Bohlensysidcfg toolset and oi-hipster for sparc
Sebastian Wiedenroth 
Thomas Merkel 
Peter Tribble 
Dan McDonaldillumos at 5 (12noon Sunday, Janson)
Thomas Wagner