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Again Hans Rosenfeld managed a stand for illumos and illumos distributions at FOSDEM 2017 - thank you very much Hans.

Our booth will be in building K, Level 1, Group A Table 8 - we are happy to see you all there! (Jorge: I'm always early so I will head to building K to help with setup)

This time also OpenIndiana devs think of a hacking-session to improve hands-off bare-metal installations.

Hans Rosenfeld 
Olaf BohlenOI/sparc, AI
Jorge SchrauwenSaltStack SmartOS/illumos support
Sebastian Wiedenrothpkgsrc, SmartOS, ...
Till WegmüllerPXEBoot, NFSRoot, AI, Distro Constructor, pkg5, illumos/OpenPower
Peter Tribble 
Thomas Merkel 
Adam ŠtevkoOI/infrastructure, OI/CI, ansible illumos modules
Alexander Pyhalov 



Some illumos devs meet at

We have our table in building K, Level 1, Group A, Table 7.

Hans Rosenfeld 
Jorge Schrauwen-
Olaf Bohlensysidcfg toolset and oi-hipster for sparc
Sebastian Wiedenroth 
Thomas Merkel 
Peter Tribble 
Dan McDonaldillumos at 5 (12noon Sunday, Janson)
Thomas Wagner