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Welcome to the Google Summer of Code!

Let's start with some background about you.

  • Name:
  • Email address:
  • IRC nickname on freenode:
  • Field of study (and concentration, if any):
  • Have you participated in an open source project before? If you have, which aspects did you enjoy most (or least)? If you have contributed code, can you describe the tools and languages you used, and link to commits?
  • Have you been involved with illumos or a related community project (OpenIndiana, OmniOS, SmartOS, etc.)?
  • Have you fixed any bite-sized bugs or contributed code to illumos? If so, please provide the issue IDs or the e-mail address used in the commit.
  • Do you have an illumos distribution (OpenIndiana, OmniOS, SmartOS) currently running on your system? If so, describe your setup. Have you built illumos-gate from source and successfully upgraded your system to those bits?
  • What piece of source code have you read and found most interesting? Why?
  • What makes illumos interesting to you? Do you plan to stay involved after GSoC, and if so, in which areas?
  • Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you? Will you have other obligations or time constraints during the GSoC period?

Next, please describe your project.

  • The goals you wish to achieve, in a nutshell:
  • Quantifiable deliverables in terms of software, tests, and/or documentation:
  • Your plan for implementing the features, and testing them:
  • Rough outline of your development schedule, including milestones:
  • What prior experience (coursework, internship, work experience) or expertise do you have relevant to your project?
  • How does your proposal align with your goals after completing your current degree?
  • Will you need us to provide access to hardware, specifications, or other resources?
  • Do you have a particular person in mind as a mentor? With whom have you discussed your project previously on a public e-mail list or IRC channel?