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Wednesday Jan 21, 2015London, UKPeter TribbleUKOUG Solaris SIG meeting "Adventures with illumos"Registration (free, despite appearances)
Monday, May 12 - Friday, May 16, 2014Joyent SFMax BruningCloud Performance trainingdetails and registration here
Monday, June 2 - Friday, June 6, 2014 Joyent SFMax BruningSmartOS Internals training details and registration here
Monday, June 16 - Wednesday, June 18, 2014Joyent SFMax BruningDTrace training details and registration here
Wednesday, July 9 - Friday, July 11, 2014Joyent SFMax BruningZFS Internals training details and registration here
Monday, July 14 - Wednesday, July 17Joyent SFMax BruningKernel Crash Analysis and Debugging training details and registration here
Apr 16 2014London, UKPeter Tribble

UKOUG Solaris SIG meeting

"Tribblix: Learning how Solaris works by building your own Distribution"

November 28-30New York CityBrendan GreggDTrace Training 
Oct 25-30San Francisco CAMax BruningSmartOS Internals Training 
Oct 10Boston, MAPeter Baer GalvinThe State of ZFS at Back Bay LISA 
Oct 8-9San Francisco, CABryan CantrillLiferay Symposium 
Oct 3Joyent HQ, San Franciscoillumos communityillumos Hackathon 
Oct 2San Francisco and live streamZFS communityZFS Day - UStream videos and presos going up here! 
Oct 1San Francisco and live streamillumos communityillumos Day - UStream videos and presos going up here! 
Oct 1Moscow, RussiaPhilip Torchinskytalk (in Russian): Cloud Computing Infrastructure based on illumos kernel at Yet Another Conference 2012 
Sept 27-28Baltimore, MDBryan Cantrill & Brendan GreggSurge: The real-time web in the real world: DIRT in production 
""Dave PachecoSurge: Building a Real-Time Cloud Analytics Service with Node.js 
Sept 20New York, NYTheo Schlossnagle (OmniTI)OmniOS: How and why it was built. At NYCDevOps Meetup 
Sept 17PostgresOpen / ChicagoKeith Pasketttraining: Managing Postgres on ZFS (via OpenIndiana) 
Aug 23Sunnyvale CAAdam LeventhalLSPE meetup on performance tuning, DTrace 
Aug 16San Franciscothe Joyent SmartOS teamJoyent hosts BayLISA for an evening on SmartOS/illumos - video and slides 
July 16-20Portland, ORillumos community including John Sonnenschein

OSCON expo booth

July 19, 11:30 amPortland, ORDave PachecoNode.js in Production: Postmortem Debugging and Performance Analysis - OSCON 
July 25-28Porto Alegre, BrazilBryan Cantrill, Brendan Gregg, Deirdré Straughan

speaking at FISL on:

July 3

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Max BruningSmartOS at NOSIG - video here - slides here 
July 11Boston, MAJim Mauro, co-author of the DTrace book

Solaris Dynamic Tracing - DTrace at Back Bay LISA

July 12Geneva, Switzerlandillumos community (introductory talk in French)RMLL / LSM 
May 23Amsterdamcommunityillumos Hackathon 
May 2Mountain View, CABryan Cantrill and othersSVLUG Comparative Operating Systems Discussion 
Apr 30Wiesbaden, GermanyFraOSUGDTrace workshop (in German) 
Apr 3, 2012San FranciscoDTrace communitydtrace.conf final schedule and videos 
Mar 7, 2012San Franciscoillumos/SmartOS and Joyent Cloud User GroupMonitoring Public and Private Cloud Infrastructures on SmartOS: Going Native 
Feb 29, 2012San Franciscoillumos/SmartOS and Joyent Cloud User GroupMongoDB + Joyent Cloud on SmartOS: The Mongo/Node.js Stack and PaaS Perspective 
Feb 4, 2012BrusselsLinda KateleyMeetup Listing 
Feb 4-5, 2012Brussels, BelgiumLinda Kateley, Bart Coddens aka saabloverIllumian, a new illumos based distribution FOSDEM 
Feb 1-2, 2012London, UKBryan Cantrill, Jason HoffmanMonkiGras 
Jan 29, 2012Bielefeld, GermanyBjörn raichoo Herzigillumos Lightning Talk What is illumos? What can you do with it? 
Jan 20-22, 2012Hilton Los Angeles Airport Hotel SCALE 10x 
Fri Jan 20, 2012, 4pmCatalina DGarrett D'AmoreExperiences starting a new open source operating system project 
Sat Jan 21, 2012, 11:30 amCentury ABBrendan GreggPerformance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the cloud 
Sat Jan 21, 2012, 6 pmLa JollaGarrett D'AmorePanel: Open Source Operating Systems 
Sat Jan 21, 2012, 6 pmCentury ABGordon RossFUSE with In-Kernel Meta-Data Caching 
Sat Jan 21, 2012, 8 pmSanta Monica Ballillumos/SmartOS Meetup at SCALE sponsored by the Joyent Cloud 
Sun Jan 22, 2012, 1:30 pmCentury ABGarrett D'AmoreDeveloping for illumos - SCALE 
Sun Jan 22, 2012, 3 pmLos Angeles BRobert MustacchiUsing SmartOS as a Hypervisor slides 
Jan 10, 2012Menlo Park, CAMatt Ahrensillumos User Group Meetup Videos here. 
Dec 8, 2011Boston, MABryan CantrillFork Yeah! - The Rise and Development of illumos (invited talk) - USENIX LISA slides on slideshare video 
""Ben RockwoodLISA 2011 Keynote: The DevOps Transformation - slides on slidesharevideo 
Nov 17, 2011San FranciscoBryan CantrillAnd It All Went Horribly Wrong: Debugging Production Systems Qconslides 
Oct 27, 2011Munich, GermanyConstantin GonzalezMUCOSUG SmartOS by @zalez slides 
Oct 26-27, 2011Santa Clara, CAJason Hoffman, Bill PijewskiOpen Storage Summit 
Oct 27, 2011MunichConstantin GonzalezSmartOS, at the Munich OpenSolaris Users Group 
Oct 4, 2011Joyent HQ, San Franciscoanyone interested in the past and future of the Solaris technology familyThe Solaris Family Reunion 
Sep 28-30, 2011Baltimore, MDBryan Cantrill & Dave PachecoBuilding a Real-Time Cloud Analytics Service with Node.js 
Sep 21, 2011London, UKAlasdair Lumsdenslides KVM, at the UKOUG Solaris SIG Meeting (formerly London OpenSolaris User group), video 
Aug 23, 2011webinarBryan CantrillSmartOS: The Modern Operating System (video) 
Aug 15, 2011PortlandBryan CantrillExperiences Porting KVM to SmartOS (video and slides) 
June 15, 2011Bay AreaGarrett D'Amore, Bryan Cantrill, Adam LeventhalIllumos Meetup (video) 
Jan 6, 2011Los AngelesGarrett D'AmoreUpdate on illumos and the Future of Solaris Technology at