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This page describes a tentative effort to port illumos-gate to the first generation Raspberry Pi hardware platform.  Most critically, this platform contains an ARM11 CPU.  This port is a community effort, and not presently associated with any particular corporation.

Those involved at time of writing:

  • Robert Mustacchi <>
  • Joshua M. Clulow <>
  • Eric Sproul <>
  • Josef "Jeff" Sipek <>

Hardware Details:

  • Broadcom BCM2835 SOC
  • ARM1176JZF-S 32bit CPU with floating point at 700Mhz - ARM11 core (ARMv6 Architecture)
  • 512MB RAM (B & B+ models) or 256 RAM (A & A+ models)
  • No Realtime Clock
  • SMC LAN9512 10/100 Ethernet (B & B+ models)


Start at - the easy way doesn't really work.

Things We Need To Do

Broadly, we need to be able to cross-compile illumos-gate on an amd64 build machine such that it will run on the ARM CPU in the Pi.

Mailing List

You can sign up or read the archives for the illumos-arm mailing list.