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Events We Should Create/Participate In

Feel free to suggest specific meetups/conferences (with URL) and things we as a community should organize eg hackathons. For the latter, please give plenty of details about what you have in mind. This can include "Please get so-and-so to this part of the world to speak about X."

3rd TuesdaysFrankfurt, Germany FRAOSUG monthly meetingWe will be happy to welcome anyone presenting about Illumos.  While
the meeting language is German, English presentations are fine.
Mar 2-3Copenhagen, Denmark Open Source DaysI'd love to see an illumos and/or smartos presence there. We've had several (open)solaris bits in the past and I know 2 of the people who arrange it have been members of the opensolaris group here when we had one. Some of the previous talks have been Sun sponsored, and I've done a few myself as well. I'll likely tell the planners that I can do a short illumos intro talk in addition to my
usual Apache show if they haven't got anyone else.
?anywhere? Google Summer of Code 
?somewhere in Europe hackathon 

Offer Expertise

If you can speak, mentor, or offer other forms of in-person expertise to the community, please fill in. Constraints = ability to travel (eg "depends on funding," "not more than day trips," "x nights away from home," etc.).

WhoWhereConstraintsArea of Expertise