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To build illumos, the OS/Net and pkg consolidations installed on your system must be at build 145 or later.

If you are currently running OpenIndiana, no upgrade is needed.

If you are running OpenSolaris (IPS releases), you will need to upgrade it to OpenIndiana. Upgrading to OpenIndiana requires that you have OpenSolaris build 134 installed. You can check which build of OpenSolaris you are running by typing "uname -v". If it reports a number lower than 134 (such as 111b), please update to 134 by following the guide in the next section.

How to upgrade to build 134 from older OpenSolaris builds

If you are running a non-SXCE build of OpenSolaris prior to b134, it is easy to upgrade.

The following commands configure the system to use the OpenSolaris legacy development repository available from the OpenIndiana project, update pkg, update the system to b134 in a new boot environment and then reboot the machine:

Migration of OpenSolaris SXCE to OpenSolaris IPS

For SXCE builds (using SVR4 packaging instead of networked IPS repositories) you'll likely need a new installation and manual migration of your system settings. Since you're starting from scratch, you can install OI right away (wink)

If you desire to keep your old rpool intact, you can try following the following procedure to copy LiveCD contents into a dedicated root dataset which you would make in your existing rpool: Manual installation of OpenIndiana from LiveCD media.
After you get the basic system running, you'd have to install whatever additional software packages you need and migrate the settings (mostly in /etc).
If local zones were used, you should create local zones based on IPS packaging and migrate their settings, software and data from old local zone instances.

Upgrading OpenSolaris b134 to OpenIndiana (x86/amd64 only)

If you would prefer not to upgrade to OpenIndiana, but instead only update OS/Net and pkg to b145, please skip to the next section.

Once you have confirmed you are running OpenSolaris b134 via "uname -a", you can upgrade to OpenIndiana by following these commands:

1 The b148 OpenIndiana release is based on the final publicly available OpenSolaris ONNV (b147+) sources+, rather than illumos. Later OpenIndiana releases are based on illumos directly.

  1. May 03, 2012

    How relevant is the note about updating OpenSolaris to b145? (i.e. would that be enough to build current illumos? would anyone care to test that?)

    Also, there is no next section here to skip to (wink)