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1. Nominate Deirdré Straughan (Community Manager). as meeting facilitator, and ascertain agreement with some ground rules.

2.  Establishment of Developer Council decision-making process.

3.  Vote on RTI integration clarification draft, as circulated on developer-council.

4.   If vote on (3) fails, discussion for next steps.

5. Discussion of illumos “vision”.


  •  Bryan Cantrill
  • Garrett D'Amore
  • Adam Leventhal
  • Rich Lowe (by phone)
  • Gordon Ross (by phone)
  • Deirdré Straughan (non-voting)

The meeting was convened in Joyent's San Francisco offices. 

Deirdré Straughan was unanimously confirmed as meeting facilitator.

After discussion, it was agreed that, while consensus decision-making is a goal of the dev council, it is not required. In cases of disagreement among the council, a simple majority vote will decide.

The RTI process drafted by Bryan Cantrill, based on input from the Dev Council and the Advocates, was agreed to, with minor changes. See here for final version.

There was discussion about a vision statement drafted by Gordon, eventually agreed to table it for future discussion.

Council discussed and unanimously agreed on a long-pending proposal to add Dan McDonald to the Advocates.

Also discussed whether term limits are needed for advocates. Decided against, with agreement to periodically informally poll the advocates to ensure that all are still fresh and interested.

Final point decided upon was to make the Webex recording of this session public.

Deirdré gave an update on the illumos Foundation:

Paperwork was mailed to the State of California on April 20th to incorporate the illumos Foundation as a 501c6 non-profit trade association. NB: The illumos project does not qualify as a 501c3 because of the commercial entities which are the main beneficiaries of the project. This is a very similar situation to the Linux Foundation. 

This paperwork should be returned in another 6 weeks or so. In the meantime, a tax ID has been applied for and a bank account will be opened for the foundation.