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This page lists people offering illumos-related skills and services.


Posted February 13, 2013

Autofracture LLC is offering professional services specializing in Joyent SmartOS (via myself Shannon Fiume). I'm looking for short term, no more than 3 months, contracts. I'm geographically based in the North Bay, and will commute for meetings, appointments, installations, etc. telecommuting is preferred. And it's good for the planet, funds from the consulting go to funding the electric vehicle research that's ongoing at Autofracture.

COS&HT Europe

Posted April 11, 2013 

The Center of Open Systems and High Technologies Europe s.r.o. based in the Czech Republic and represented by Evgeny "Jim" Klimov currently offers professional remote IT services related to the illumos, OpenIndiana and Solaris ecosystem, including OS and software configuration, maintenance and migration for networking/IT infrastructure, fileservers, virtualization, etc. Also we can do integration/deployment/support of application servers and enterprise IT systems of Sun legacy (Oracle Unified Communications Suite, Sun Ray terminals, Identity and Access Management solutions from Sun/Oracle and ForgeRock) and other vendors (Magnolia CMS, Alfresco ECM, Adobe LiveCycle, Atlassian suites, LifeRay Portal, etc.) on Solaris, Linux and Windows servers. Our other areas of expertise include ESB-based integration of local and remote systems (with GlassFish ESB and/or Adobe LiveCycle ES), generation and processing of XML/PDF documents and forms (RenderX, Apache FOP, SVG, Adobe Forms servers), development of custom web-services and complete integrated information systems to automate municipal/government service provision to the citizens. For more informadion, please contact Jim Klimov.

Staysail Systems

Posted January 18, 2018

Staysail Systems, Inc. offers custom software development and systems engineering for illumos systems, as well as golang and nanomsg and related messaging frameworks. We have extensive kernel development expertise, especially in the networking and storage stacks, in the form of Garrett D'Amore, who is also known as the founder of illumos itself.  For more information, send a message to