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Comment: Work around bug 10430 for now


You need to install several packages in order to build illumos.

  • Before downloading the required packages you will need to update the packages on the system. Build dependencies will occasionally be updated between media releases of OpenIndiana and OmniOS.

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titlePackage update
 sudo pkg update
  • On OpenIndiana, the build-essential package contains most of what's required.  In addition, a Python 3 runtime and GCC version 7 are required for a complete build with shadow checks.
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titleOpenIndiana packages
sudo pkg install build-essential runtime/python-35 developer/gcc-7 system/library/c-runtime
  • On OmniOS, the illumos-tools (meta)package is required:


On OpenIndiana you'll likely see something like 'Branch: 20182019.0.0.16790'. You have to use PKGVERS_BRANCH to overwrite this value, you can't use ONNV_BUILDNUM for this purpose. You should set PKGVERS_BRANCH in a form of YEAR.MAJOR.0.0 , where YEAR is the current year and MAJOR is greater that the one used by OpenIndiana. For example:  

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export PKGVERS_BRANCH=20182019.999.0.0

Building with only GCC-4.4.4-il (i.e. without using Sun Studio at all)


In order to build illumos-gate on OmniOS, use version r151028 or higher. OmniOS has sample build files in /opt/onbld/env/omnios-* for use with illumos-gate or illumos-omnios.  If you roll your own env files, read on. You can also find sample environment files for building on different OmniOS releases at

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titleOmniOS modifications
# Set to the current perl version (this is correct for OmniOS r151028)
export PERL_VERSION=5.28
export PERL_ARCH=i86pc-solaris-thread-multi-64int
# Set to current python3 version (this is correct for OmniOS r151028)
export PYTHON3=/usr/bin/python3.5

export SPRO_ROOT=/opt/sunstudio12.1
export ONLY_LINT_DEFS="-I${SPRO_ROOT}/sunstudio12.1/prod/include/lint"
export ON_CLOSED_BINS=/opt/onbld/closed

export __GNUC=
export GNUC_ROOT=/opt/gcc-4.4.4/
export PRIMARY_CC=gcc4,/opt/gcc-4.4.4/bin/gcc,gnu
export PRIMARY_CCC=gcc4,/opt/gcc-4.4.4/bin/g++,gnu
export SHADOW_CCS=gcc7,/opt/gcc-7/bin/gcc,gnu
export SHADOW_CCCS=gcc7,/opt/gcc-7/bin/g++,gnu

# This will set ONNV_BUILDNUM to match the release on which you are building, allowing ONU.
export ONNV_BUILDNUM=`grep '^VERSION=r' /etc/os-release | cut -c10-`


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titleOpenIndiana Hipster mods
# Set version which is greater than current OpenIndiana Hipster build numbers, ONNV_BUILDNUM is ignored if PKGVERS_BRANCH is set:
export PKGVERS_BRANCH=20172019.3999.0.0 

# Set to current perl version
export PERL_VERSION="5.22"
export PERL_PKGVERS="-522"

# If you are building on the latest OpenIndiana (2017-03-07 and later)
export BLD_JAVA_8=