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We have applied successfully for 2012. illumos was a mentoring organisation for the 2011 Google Summer of Code.

We’re happy to announce that the illumos project has been accepted as a mentoring organization for the 2017 Google Summer of Code (this marks our third year of participation in GSoC). The illumos project is a community-driven open source operating system development project derived from the former OpenSolaris project. Google's Summer of Code program promotes student involvement in open source communities by sponsoring summer internships for students to work on projects like illumos.  Members of the illumos community (including Joyent, Nexenta, OmniTI and others) support this program by offering experienced staff members willing to mentor student projects.   If you might like to apply for one of these internships, or just want to learn more about our involvement in this program, please see the illumos GSoC page. OpenIndiana is also participating, under the illumos umbrella.

Students, please visit our GSoC organization page in preparing your application.
Mentors, please visit that same page, and click the button below "mentors: apply!"

For students

For Students

New to illumos? Start with How To Build illumos and How To Contribute.

If you're interested in helping illumos or OpenIndiana in this year's Summer of Code, we require you to sign up on our developer list. Students are expected to interact as normal contributors through existing community channels, including mail and IRC, so dive on in!

We encourage you to drop by #illumos on freenode to ask questions or get to know us.

If we are accepted as a participating organization for 2012, students Students can officially begin discussing project ideas with us on March 17. at any time, and submit applications between Mar 20 and Apr. 3 (see other important dates in the full timeline for GSoC 2017). Nothing prohibits motivated students from spending time before that the application period getting to know the community and the code, installing a distribution, building from source, and fixing some bite-sized bugs, aware that we won't have a decision from Google on our participation until March 16th.

Starting from March 26th20, you can apply at our illumos Google Summer of Code page.

If you're not sure what your proposal should include we will be happy to help if you ask the mailing list or IRC for feedback.






illumos is an open-source, community-based project, but it also has commercial supporters who employ contributors to our project. If operating systems development is really want what interests you, consider this a first step toward a possible career with us.

Our development community includes people who came to work at the commercial organization that supported our predecessor project as summer interns. They were excited enough by what they saw that they started work right out of college and followed us into our current incarnation. For a (colorful) history of the project from one of those interns, visit Bryan Cantrill's LISA presentation.

Project ideas

Our Project Ideas are a launch pad for student proposals, not a fixed menu of options. Put time in with the community, learn how what we're doing fits your interests and skills and write a proposal that reflects that. We welcome original project proposals, particularly those that demonstration familiarity with the project and alignment with career interests, previous course of study, and practical experience. When writing your proposal, make use of our suggestions for how to write an excellent GSoC proposal.

Application template

Please use our GSoC Application Template in preparing your application.

Mentoring resources

Please If you need help finding or contacting a possible mentor, please contact the org admins, Bayard Bell (IRC handle buffgy) and Albert Lee (IRC handle Triskelios), if you are interested in mentoring for 2012.

Last year's projects

2011Harshit JainUpdate illumos with GRUB 2 and GPT label boot supportGarrett D'Amore
2011Shashank KarkareRewrite Perl system software in CJohn Sonnenschein

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