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  • DilOS from igork is an open-source illumos distribution with dpkg/apt. Can be using on VM and bare metal with text console and SSH logins as server with DPKG & IPKG & LX(ported form illumos-joyent tree) zones. Also can be using as dilos-xen34-dom0 with PV and HVM guests. SPARC ISO available too for servers with ssh access.
  • Dyson is a general-purpose operating system, a Debian derivative using the illumos kernel, libc, and SMF init system. 
  • napp-it is a project of a ZFS storage server appliance based on illumian, OmniOS, OpenIndiana and Solaris 11 with a single-command online installer and a WEB-UI.
  • napp-it to GO is a preconfigured ready to use USB distribution based on napp-it for common used hardware like a HP Microserver or SuperMicro mainboards. Download, Clone (16 GB USB Sticks, tool included) and Run. USB ZFS mirror suggested.
    included and preinstalled: OmniOS with LZ4 support, napp-it Web-UI, Comstar, netatalk3, Xampp, Mediatomb DLNA mediaserver, Smartmontools6, performance tools etc.
  • NexentaStor - commercial distribution aimed at storage appliances. Sold by Nexenta Systems.
  • OmniOS – from OmniTI takes a minimalist approach to create a full Illumos-derived operating system. It includes all of the benefits of Illumos, such as zone and KVM virtualization, and is suitable for server use.
  • OpenIndiana is a successor to and derived from the original Sun OpenSolaris reference distribution, and is suitable for use on Servers and Desktops.
  • OpenSXCE is a project on which Martin Bochnig (previously creator of MartUX distribution based on OpenSolaris SXCE) slaved away for many months, investing all his time and scarce monies. It is ultimately an up-to-date distribution in sync for SPARC and x86, and on SPARC it supports all sun4u and sun4v Workstations, Servers, Telcos from the 1995' Ultra-1 to everything that came to market before 2011. All gfx cards have binary redistributable driver support. The distribution comes with Caiman text-install and gui-install, on CD.iso, DVD.iso and USB (even on select SPARC models).

  • SmartOS from Joyent is an open-source illumos distro designed for cloud computing. It includes a port of KVM, allowing other OSes such as Linux and Windows to run natively in SmartOS/illumos virtualized environments.

  • Tribblix from Peter Tribble uses SVR4 packaging with the Xfce and many other desktops, providing a retro feel with modern components. Suitable for both desktop and server use, a (more limited) SPARC version is also available.
  • v9os is a server-only, IPS-based minimal SPARC distribution.
  • XStreamOS is a distribution of the illumos kernel developed and maintained by Sonicle, featuring a customized text install, the ZFS fileystem, Crossbow network architecture, virtualization, zones, and a starting point to contribute and develop the illumos kernel.
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NameCreated/maintained byPackaging SystemDefault UserlandRecommended UseNotes
Belenix rpm   
DilOSIgor Kozhukhovdpkg/aptGNUxen34-dom0, vmware guests, SPARC, etc. General purpose - servers with ssh access 
EON StorageAndre Lue  Home/SOHO NAS and all-in-one servers: storage appliances, media streamers, web-servers, VM hosters... 
illumianNexentadeb/aptGNUGeneral purpose - servers 
napp-it to Gonapp-itIPS Ready to use images for USB sticks on supported hardware with all napp-it add-ons and Web-UI preinstalled 
NexentaStorNexentadeb/aptGNUStorage appliances


OmniOSOmniTIIPS General purpose - servers 
OpenIndianaEveryCity/communityIPSGNU (Native optional)General purpose - servers and desktop 
OpenSXCEMartin BochnigSVR4 General purpose - SPARC and x86 servers and desktops 
SmartOSJoyentpkgsrcGNUCloud computing hypervisor, appliances 
StormOSAndrew Stormontdeb/apt

GNU (NCP2 based)
illumos (NCP4 based)

General purpose - desktop

Superseded by:
StormOS Next-portageNative (GNU optional)General purpose - developer focused 
TribblixPeter TribbleSVR4 Desktop, but will expand to server 
v9osAlexander EreminIPS General purpose - SPARC servers 
XStreamOSSonicleIPS General purpose