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  • illumian
  • napp-it is a project of a ready to use ZFS storage server based on Illumian, NexentaCore, OpenIndiana and Solaris with a single-command online installer and a WEB-UI. 
  • NexentaStor
  • OmniOS
  • OpenIndiana is the largest Illumos based distribution, a community developed open source fork of OpenSolaris that is suitable for use on Servers and Desktops.
  • SmartOS from Joyent is an open-source illumos distro designed for cloud computing. It includes a port of KVM, allowing other OSes such as Linux and Windows to run natively in SmartOS/illumos virtualized environments.
  • StormOS
  • Belenix an old time distro, on which development has resumed again. Uses rpm.
  • your distro here!

Contributing to illumos