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Comment: Add shadow compiler note


  • Do you know the areas of the system affected well enough to even have an opinion?
    If not, you should probably leave this for someone else who might (note that we don't have perfect coverage, so you can't just punt on everything).
  • Is the commit well-formed?
    The author line should include both a name and a well formed email address, and should match the actual author. The format here is very important for SCM export. Don't just assume it's fine!
  • Is the pbchk output as clean as you want it to be?
    In general, there should be no noise from any check, however some areas are not clean for the various style checks, you should check this is actually the case (in general, areas that are innately dirty are very dirty, and stand out).
  • Is the


    user's build clean?

    They'll be giving you a mail_msg file, which will ideally be absolutely free of any noise. In practice there are times when there will be noise for other reasons not related to their integration. You should check!

  • Did the user also build with the current shadow compiler? - check the mail_msg file for the compilers that were actually used.
  • Did the submitter test their changes to your satisfaction?
    • Can you think of anything else that should be tested? Ask for it!
    • Did the testing actually test the area changed by the patch? Check!
  • Read the diff. Check that nothing stands out that reviewers may have missed
  • Feel free to run a build yourself, if you're paranoid, but don't feel compelled to.