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  • DilOS from igork is an open-source illumos distribution with dpkg/apt. Can be using on VM and bare metal with text console and SSH logins as server with DPKG & IPKG & LX (ported from illumos-joyent tree) zones. Also can be using as dilos-xen34-dom0 with PV and HVM guests. SPARC ISO available too for servers with ssh access.
  • Dyson is a general-purpose operating system, a Debian derivative using the illumos kernel, libc, and SMF init system. 
  • napp-it is a project of a ZFS storage server appliance that can be installed atop OmniOS, OpenIndiana or Solaris 11 with a single-command online installer and a WEB-UI. Alternatively, napp-it ToGo is a preconfigured installable image.
  • NexentaStor - commercial distribution aimed at storage appliances. Sold by Nexenta Systems.
  • OmniOS (originally from OmniTI but now maintained by the OmniOS Community Edition Association) takes a minimalist approach to create a full illumos-derived operating system. It includes all of the benefits of illumos, such as zone and KVM virtualisation, but also adds Linux branded (lx) zones. It's targeted for server use.
  • OpenIndiana is a successor to and derived from the original Sun OpenSolaris reference distribution, and is suitable for use on Servers and Desktops.
  • SmartOS from Joyent is an open-source illumos distro designed for cloud computing. It includes a port of KVM, allowing other OSes such as Linux and Windows to run natively in SmartOS/illumos virtualized environments.

  • Tribblix from Peter Tribble uses SVR4 packaging with the Xfce and many other desktops, providing a retro feel with modern components. Suitable for both desktop and server use, a (more limited) SPARC version is also available.
  • v9os is a server-only, IPS-based minimal SPARC distribution.
  • XStreamOS is a distribution of the illumos kernel developed and maintained by Sonicle, featuring a customized text install, the ZFS fileystem, Crossbow network architecture, virtualization, zones, and a starting point to contribute and develop the illumos kernel.
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NameCreated/maintained byPackaging SystemDefault UserlandRecommended UseNotes
Belenix rpm   
DilOSIgor Kozhukhovdpkg/aptGNUxen34-dom0, vmware guests, SPARC, etc. General purpose - servers with ssh access 
EON StorageAndre Lue  Home/SOHO NAS and all-in-one servers: storage appliances, media streamers, web-servers, VM hosters... 
illumianNexentadeb/aptGNUGeneral purpose - servers 
napp-it ToGonapp-itIPS Ready to use images for USB sticks on supported hardware with all napp-it add-ons and Web-UI preinstalled 
NexentaStorNexentadeb/aptGNUStorage appliances


OmniOSOmniOS Community AssociationIPS General purpose - serversWas originally maintained by OmniTI
OpenIndianaEveryCity/communityIPSGNU (Native optional)General purpose - servers and desktop 
OpenSXCEMartin BochnigSVR4 General purpose - SPARC and x86 servers and desktops 
SmartOSJoyentpkgsrcGNUCloud computing hypervisor, appliances 
StormOSAndrew Stormontdeb/apt

GNU (NCP2 based)
illumos (NCP4 based)

General purpose - desktop

Superseded by:
StormOS Next-portageNative (GNU optional)General purpose - developer focused 
TribblixPeter TribbleSVR4 Desktop, but will expand to server 
v9osAlexander EreminIPS General purpose - SPARC servers 
XStreamOSSonicleIPS General purpose