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Deirdre: This page needs editing to separate the two.


Jim: Alternatively, there may (should?) appear pages on building and contributing to illumos OS/Net with other distributions based on it?
OpenIndiana is grouped with illumos here because by far it is the most common and generic (and well-documented) distro which may be easiest for developers to install. It also has the goal of being the upgrade path for old-time Solaris and OpenSolaris shops looking not to be locked into Oracle vendorship and have a free Solaris-based OS. Other distros are often too specific for a job or packaging method, and may not gain much deserved attention just because of that niche they chose to excel at. They are encouraged to add their description pages to this wiki, as well as clone this page for their development and packaging routines. I think that would produce the most coherent documentation for developers liking one or another distro to get into a working setup from scratch.

While there are many different good OSes and distributions based on common illumos kernel and contributing to its development, the OpenIndiana project remains about the most generic distribution as a most-direct ideological descendant of the OpenSolaris project, and is dubbed the reference distribution. In fact, some OpenIndiana projects are being renamed into illumos namespace these days, while the illumos project will soon use the development, organizational and building processes developed for OpenIndiana. The two projects also share some infrastructure and some of the developers.