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For more details about writing Makefiles for userland, see Building with illumos-userlandsee userland Makefile targets and variables

titleBefore adding new packages to illumos-userland...

Before considering adding a new package to illumos-userland, please check first whether someone else is working on the package by checking the issue tracker.

  • If you don't find anyone already working on a port, please register your effort by opening an issue.
  • If you wish to update an existing port, look at the log for the component Makefile ("hg log Makefile") and make sure you either contact the person who last updated the Makefile or include them on notifications for the issue by ticking their name.

This will ensure efforts aren't duplicated and help to ensure sanity and comity amongst project members.


We strongly recommend building packages inside a fresh local zone set up exclusively for building. A good example howto on creating a build-zone can be found in the CrossBow instructions, see Building with illumos-userlandsee Building in zones.

Some suggestions about build environment (dataset layouts, etc.) can also be found in the illumos wiki: How to build illumos (note however that compilers required for the core OS may be different than those acceptable for userland software).



Note that the the /experimental repo is under continuous development and may contain breakage. Thus we (as mentioned) strongly recommend building inside a dedicated development zone, rather than updating your main system.


Installing pre-requisites

First, lets let's install the required software list:


See the illumos wiki instructions How to build illumos for  and Build datasets in particular for optional suggestions about build environment (dedicated ZFS dataset layouts, etc.)


See the illumos wiki instructions How to build illumos for Redistributing built packages and Installing built illumos packages into BEs on a remote host and non-onu updates for optional suggestions about running a pkg server instance as an SMF service and how to install packages from your own networked repository.

Ready to build and install your first package