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Comment: 4.4.4-il3


In general, since any update to this environment represents a flag-day affecting all illumos developers, it is undesirable for this environment to change often or without compelling reason.  It is currently very unlikely that updates will be made to the versions of Sun Studio that we use.  The version of GCC that we use, absent compelling reasons and bugs, is also never going to be the "latest and greatest".  It is recommended that people packaging compilers for their end-users package a separate GCC for end-user use, and for use as part of the illumos build environment.


2012-10-31GCC 4.4.4-il3 becomes the preferred GCC

GCC 4.4.4-il2 becomes the default and only acceptable GCC

2012-06-15GCC 4.4.4-il2 is a non-default but supported option