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NameTopicRandom Info
Hans Rosenfeld  
Andy FiddamanOmniOS Community Edition 
Dominik HasslerOmniOS Community Edition 
Sebastian WiedenrothSmartOS, pkgsrc 
Thomas MerkelSmartOS, pkgsrc 
Jim KlimovOpenIndiana (Hipster), OmniOS (CE)Manning the trenches, mingling with the crowd passing by, hoping to learn more from people around (smile)
Jorge SchrauwenSaltStack SmartOS/illumos supporsupportI'll be early so I'll help setup the booth, will also bring water and some soda like last year.
Thomas WagnerSFE Project, SpecFiles ExtraLibreOffice, Ansible and more for OmniOSce, OpenIndiana, Solaris
Peter TribbleTribblix 



Again Hans Rosenfeld managed a stand for illumos and illumos distributions at FOSDEM 2018 - thank you very much Hans.