The manual pages integrated into illumos-gate are taken from the last source drop provided by Sun at These are outdated in several respects.

Bugs are being filed under the 'manpages' category of the illumos-gate project to rectify any omissions.

While the OpenSolaris build 134 manual pages claim to be under the CDDL in both package license and headers, and newer pages may well claim to be under the CDDL in their header comment, we have elected to treat them as tainted and work from the last explicit source drop. Please do not source text from any OpenSolaris page delivered to the system just because it superficially contains a CDDL header. It is much, much better to be certain.

If you update software in a way that must be reflected in the manual, please also update the manual in the same changeset.

You can browse (and link to) the manual pages online at